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If you are in the state of Minnesota and looking for speech therapy services, Chit Chat Speech Therapy can help! We are now offering teletherapy services to anyone in the state of Minnesota. This expands our reach and gives you more opportunities for getting speech therapy. ​

If you are looking for speech therapy services, Chit Chat Speech Therapy can help. We offer services in Minnesota that can make a world of difference. Let's take a closer look at what teletherapy is and how our Chit Chat Speech Therapy can help. Call or text 763-280-3202 or email or fill out our contact form.

Distance Learning

Is teletherapy right for my child?

In our experience, most children can benefit from teletherapy. If you're struggling to find a therapist in your area, looking into teletherapy may be a better option. Teletherapy used to be boring and difficult to do with younger kids, but now that internet speeds have increased, online materials are available, and children are so good at using technology, teletherapy is fun! We play games and practice speech sounds as if we were together in person. Teletherapy works great for children of all ages, mainly ages 4+. Younger children may continue to need your supervision to help them with any technological issues, and this allows YOU to be part of the therapy program to help your child continue better communication skills throughout the week. 

How do your teletherapy services work?

We treat teletherapy similarly to in-person therapy; I find what is motivating for the child and use that to my advantage to help them practice communication skills while having fun. We use HIPAA-compliant live-video streaming platforms to keep each session secure. The sessions involve going over the target skill we'll practice that day, an engaging set of activities, and a summary with the parents to discuss what we worked on, how it went, and how parents can continue practicing at home. As long as you're in the state of Minnesota, we can use teletherapy for speech therapy services. 

Contact a Teletherapy Speech Therapist in Minnesota

Contact us at Chit Chat Speech Therapy to see if we are the right fit for your teletherapy needs. We work hard to make sure your child is getting the best practice in while also enjoying themselves to make therapy fun and engaging! Call or text us at 763-280-3202, email us at, or fill out our contact form.

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