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How to Use Technology and Apps in Speech Therapy


Effective speech therapy is essential for individuals who struggle with speech and language disorders. With advancements in technology, various apps and tools have become popular for enhancing the speech therapy process. At Chit Chat Speech Therapy, our team of experienced speech therapists is committed to using cutting-edge resources to help our clients achieve their communication goals. Contact us either online or at 763-280-3202 to schedule a free consultation today.

The Role of Technology in Speech Therapy

Speech therapy has come a long way from traditional methods, with technology playing an increasingly important role in treatment plans. In this section, we explore how technology has revolutionized the field and the benefits it brings to clients and therapists alike.

Increased Access and Flexibility

The use of technology in speech therapy allows clients to access resources and support anytime, anywhere. This increased flexibility means therapy can be more easily integrated into daily routines, leading to better outcomes.

Engaging and Interactive Tools

Technology provides a more engaging and interactive experience for clients, helping to maintain their interest and motivation during therapy sessions. This is particularly helpful for children who may require additional stimulation to stay focused.

Top Apps and Tools for Speech Therapy

There are numerous apps and tools available to support speech therapy. In this section, we highlight some of the most popular and effective options.


Articulation Station

Articulation Station is an app designed to help individuals practice their speech sounds. With engaging activities and professional voice recordings, it provides a comprehensive tool for mastering articulation. I use this app for word/image/interactive purposes, but I mainly use it at the beginning of treatment so I can get a quick and accurate data collection for a baseline practice in order to measure progress in therapy. I love to use the recorder feature to let the child listen for themselves to their own productions so they can begin to judge for themselves whether or not they produced the sound correctly. 


Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy is an app that offers personalized speech and language exercises for individuals recovering from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological disorders. It features a wide range of exercises targeting various aspects of speech and language therapy.


Speech Blubs

Speech Blubs is an app specifically designed for children with speech and language difficulties. It uses video modeling, engaging games, and a variety of interactive activities to help children practice and develop their speech skills.

Implementing Technology in Speech Therapy Sessions

When integrating technology into speech therapy sessions, it's important to ensure that it complements the overall treatment plan and supports the client's specific needs. Here are some tips for successfully incorporating apps and tools into therapy.

Choose the Right Tools

Select apps and tools that are appropriate for the client's age, abilities, and therapy goals. It's important to research the options available and consult with other professionals to find the best fit for each individual.

Monitor Progress

Regularly assess the client's progress and adjust the use of technology as needed. This ensures that the tools being used continue to support the client's goals and encourage growth. I create quick and easy to use Google Forms for data collection. The data is store in Google Sheets and I code the sheet to color the cell either red (not close to meeting the goal), yellow (close, but did not meet the goal), and green (goal was met) depending on how well the child did. This provides a quick and easy way to view the data and progress. It’s easy for parents, the SLP, and the child to understand and view. 

Balance Technology and Human Interaction

While technology can be an incredibly valuable resource in speech therapy, it's essential to maintain a balance between its use and direct interaction with the therapist. Human interaction plays a crucial role in the therapy process and should not be entirely replaced by technology. Human interaction is great for social skills and confidence-building when learning new speech or language skills. 

Benefits of Using Technology and Apps in Speech Therapy

Incorporating technology and apps into speech therapy can yield numerous benefits for both clients and therapists. In this section, we discuss some of the key advantages of integrating these modern resources into treatment plans.

Improved Motivation and Engagement

Using apps and tools in speech therapy can make sessions more engaging and enjoyable, especially for younger clients. By incorporating games, interactive activities, and multimedia elements, therapy becomes more appealing, which can lead to increased motivation and better outcomes.


Personalized and Adaptive Therapy

Many apps and tools offer the ability to customize therapy programs to suit the unique needs of each client. This allows therapists to target specific areas of difficulty and adapt the therapy plan as the client progresses. Additionally, some apps can track progress and provide real-time feedback, further enhancing the therapy process.


Reinforcement of Therapy Goals at Home

Using technology and apps can help clients practice and reinforce their therapy goals at home. This additional practice outside of therapy sessions can contribute to faster progress and better results.


Potential Challenges and Considerations in Using Technology and Apps for Speech Therapy

While technology and apps offer numerous benefits, there are also potential challenges and considerations to be aware of when incorporating these tools into therapy sessions.


Accessibility and Affordability

Not all clients may have access to the necessary devices or the financial means to purchase apps or tools. It's important for therapists to consider this when recommending technology-based resources and to explore alternative options when necessary.


Privacy and Data Security

When using apps and tools that collect and store personal information, therapists and clients should be mindful of privacy and data security concerns. At Chit Chat Speech Therapy, we ensure that any apps or tools used follow appropriate guidelines and have robust security measures in place.


The Learning Curve for Therapists and Clients

Both therapists and clients may need time to familiarize themselves with new technology and apps. It's essential to be patient and provide support during this learning process to ensure a smooth transition and effective use of these resources.


Staying Up-to-Date with Technology in Speech Therapy

As technology continues to evolve, it's crucial for speech therapists to stay informed about the latest developments and advancements in their field. This can involve attending conferences, participating in online forums, reading industry publications, and networking with other professionals.


Contact a Speech Therapist at Chit Chat Speech Therapy

If you or a loved one could benefit from speech therapy services that incorporate the latest technology and apps, our team at Chit Chat Speech Therapy is here to help. Our experienced speech therapists are skilled in using a variety of tools and resources to support clients in achieving their communication goals. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, contact us either online or by calling us directly at 763-280-3202.

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