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Have you felt confused or left out of the decision-making process in the public school system as far as services for your child? Chit Chat Speech Therapy offers advocacy services to clients whose child is also receiving speech therapy in the public school system. Our owner previously worked in the schools and understands the Due Process law and how schools tend to run IEP meetings. We offer advocacy services to help parents understand what is being decided in the meetings as well as make sure parents fully understand their rights and are getting the most beneficial services available. 

If you are looking for speech therapy advocacy services, Chit Chat Speech Therapy can help. We offer services in the Twin Cities metro area that can make a world of difference. Let's take a closer look at what speech therapy advocacy is and how our Chit Chat Speech Therapy can help. Call or text 763-280-3202 or email or fill out our contact form.

In a Meeting

How do I know if I need advocacy services for my child?

Anyone whose child receives speech therapy through a public school can receive advocacy services at Chit Chat Speech Therapy. If you have previously been in IEP meetings for your child and left feeling confused or frustrated, it's important you know your rights and we're here to help. While we know speech therapy and can help you read IEPs and evaluation reports and help you make the best decisions for your child, we also know other available resources for the areas we aren't experts in and can direct you that way.

How do your advocacy services work?

We can accompany you to the meetings if you'd like, or we can read over your notes and the paperwork and consent forms that the school is obligated to send you. We make sure based on the data available that your child is receiving the services that are necessary for them to succeed in school. Chit Chat's owner was a speech therapist in public schools for 7 years and understands the technical and legal jargon that is spoken and put on the paperwork. Often times the meetings can be overwhelming and confusing, and parents often don't realize the power they hold for their child's education. Public schools only have an obligation to show progress. The progress does not have to be adequate, therefore session frequency and length are often sacrificed due to high workloads. While we understand public school employees have a very important and stressful job, we also understand that your child deserves the best services available.

Contact a Speech Therapist for Advocacy in Minnesota

Contact us at Chit Chat Speech Therapy to see if we are the right fit for your advocacy needs. We are honest about our skill set and will listen to your questions and background information carefully to ensure we are able to assist you in terms of advocating for your child. If we don't feel confident we are the right fit for your situation, we will direct you to someone who can provide the most comprehensive services for you. Call or text us at 763-280-3202, email us at, or fill out our contact form.

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